Choose Happy Tanks to Clean or Service Your Tank

If you have been having a problem with your residential or commercial water tank, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call Happy Tanks. Our business regularly works with homeowners and businesses to clean, maintain and repair their tanks. Whether you are due for a tank cleaning or need someone to repair a growing crack in your concrete tank, we can help.

Key Questions to Ask Happy Tanks about Your Water Tanks in NZ 

As you are considering us as your potential water tank cleaning company ask these questions to ensure that you are getting the right service from us:

  • Can you service my tank? We focus exclusively on cleaning and servicing tanks. By zeroing in on this specific niche, we believe we can provide superior services to our clients. If you have a tank, call us for Happy Tanks cleaning or servicing! Just know that we don’t work with septic tanks or effluent tanks.
  • Which cleaning service is right for my tank? When homeowners call us to clean their round water tanks, we offer two basic services to meet their needs: a Standard Vacuum Clean and a Deep Clean. Which option is right for you? Click here to read more about both.
  • Am I due for a cleaning? Some customers just aren’t sure if they need to have their tank cleaned. To check, the Ministry of Health recommends that homeowners schedule annual inspections for their water tanks. We can carry out those inspections and let you know what other services might be necessary for your tank(s).

In addition to cleaning, Happy Tanks also offers a variety of other services. These include:

  • Tank repairs: As mentioned previously, we can repair or reseal any concrete or blockwork tank. Our procedures for this service involve water blasting the interior of the tank to reveal cracks, sealing and grouting the surface to repair them and then applying Xypex Crystalline Waterproofing Technology. Worldwide, Xypex technology is trusted for delivering waterproofing that will last as long as the concrete tank itself. In other words, your cracks are highly unlikely to recur.
  • Maintenance planning: Especially for commercial clients, we help to advise on preparing a maintenance schedule for your tanks, to try to avoid cracks or sanitation problems in the future.
  • Products for water harvesting: Cleaning and tank repair are our core functions, but we also help clients find what they need to start harvesting water. We sell products for keeping leaves and debris out of your water tanks in NZ, for measuring how much water is in your tank at any given time and more.

Why Happy Tanks Is Cost-Effective

Harvesting rainwater or saving bore water can be an effective way to reduce your environmental footprint, build up your water resources or trim your utility expenses. However, purchasing a water tank can also be a significant investment. At Happy Tanks NZ, we help you take care of that investment with inspection, cleaning and repair services. Contact us today to learn more about what we do.

A Concrete Water Tank Repair Doesn’t Have To Be a Complicated Job

When things wear out and start to deteriorate, fixing them is the natural course of action — but when you need a concrete water tank repaired, the situation might seem more complicated at first. After all, if the problem is inside the tank, doesn’t that make addressing it much more challenging? In some ways, yes, that’s true. However, with experienced assistance, securing long-lasting concrete water tank repairs in Auckland and Northland can be a stress-free experience. At Happy Tanks, we can help. 

Problems That Concrete Water Tank Cleaning by Happy Tanks Can Solve

Alongside an in-depth repair service available for both commercial and household clients, we also provide several cleaning services important to tank owners. 

What concerns can cleaning out your concrete water tanks in Whangarei address?

  • Excessive filter wear and tear due to too much sediment in the tank. For those without filters, the continued presence of sediment in your water indicates a need for cleaning. In most cases, our standard clean is sufficient to remove most of the sediment in your tank, providing cleaner and clearer water.
  • Unpleasant odours or tastes in the water that persists after filtration. This is often the result of some sort of biological fouling of the tank, such as animal faeces, decaying plant matter, and so forth. We can investigate the cause and suggest the appropriate cleaning approach. 
  • Suspected contamination by viruses or bacteria. If you or your guests have experienced illnesses following drinking water supplied by your tanking systems, sanitising the system is highly recommended. 

If you’re encountering problems like those described above, or if it’s been some time since the last time you had your tanks cleaned and inspected, we suggest reaching out for service. 

Statistics on Concrete Water Tanks in Northland You Need to Know

Understanding concrete tanks by the numbers can make planning for and undertaking maintenance a simpler effort. Some of the most important stats to remember include the following:

  • The recommended interval for tank cleaning is 36 months or three years. However, this can vary. For example, tanks in rural areas and on farms may require cleaning as frequently as every 12 or 24 months, depending on local conditions. We can provide you with a clearer insight into the right interval. 
  • For concrete water tank repairs in Auckland, the average time to completion of a repair job ranges from 7 to 14 days — this is due to the high-quality, long-lasting Xypex repair compounds we use, which must fully cure before water can return to the tank. During this downtime, we’re happy to provide you with two 1000 litre loan tanks so you can continue enjoying a convenient supply of water. 
  • It takes 4 hours for us to conduct a complete “deep clean” of your tank. Following drainage of the entire tank, our trained   enters the tank to clean every surface and ensure 100% removal of all sediment. 

About Happy Tanks NZ

A growing business with a serious focus on client satisfaction, Happy Tanks represents a versatile and reliable option providing your concrete tanks with the care necessary to ensure their longevity. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the work we provide, you can place your trust in our abilities with confidence. Contact us today for arrangements. 

Enjoy Clean Collected Water with Help from Happy Tanks in Whangarei

At Happy Tanks in Whangarei, we’ve made it our mission to provide our neighbours with easy access to in-depth cleaning and repair service for the rainwater collection and storage tanks you rely upon for household and garden water supplies. Even the best-kept systems will become dirty over time, and animals may find their way inside from time to time. Whether you want to sanitise the water and neutralise pathogens or request a repair for a leak or other kind of internal damage, Happy Tanks is here to help. 

Why Should You Use Happy Tanks for Maintenance?

Relying on professional tank cleaners such as our team is safer and more reliable than “DIY” work, which often can’t achieve the same level of cleanliness as those with access to the right products can. Beyond that, though, there are other reasons to rely on our team, such as the facts that:We have an experienced, practised approach to providing tank cleaning defined by a clear set of steps and procedures. The results are consistent and easy to see. We provide a guarantee of your complete and total satisfaction with the results of all our work, from our water tank cleaning services in Whangarei to our in-tank repairs. Furthermore, we provide an easy, accessible way to return to enjoying cleaner water while ensuring its quality for some time to come. Make sure that when the next rains pass through and refill your tanks, you aren’t troubled by the amount of sediment stirred up and pulled into your filters. With a high standard of quality and a clear difference in outcomes, Happy Tanks can provide you with a cost-effective and highly water tank cleaning service. 

Problems Can Persist if You Don’t Call for Help from Happy Tanks

What happens if you don’t seek out tank cleaning every so often? The results are often less than desirable. Some of the concerns you’ll face if you skip out on requesting this assistance include:Periodic cleaning and sanitisation through water tank cleaning in Whangarei are essential for preventing or correcting the growth of bacteria and viruses within collected water. Left unchecked, harmful bacteria such as E. coli can flourish in water systems. Filters and even tapware can suffer from damage or excessive wear as a result of accumulated sediment running through the system. Avoid unnecessary outlays by conducting periodic cleaning. The taste and quality of the water can suffer when tanks are left uncleaned for long periods, even leading to water that smells bad coming out of the tap. 

Things You Can Learn About Water Storage Tanks in Whangarei from Happy Tanks NZ

Alongside our maintenance services, we are also proficient in many other aspects of the concrete tanks used for water storage throughout NZ. In fact, we are happy to provide advice in many areas for our clients, such as the ideal way to maintain the purity and enjoyable taste of your collected water over the long term. By examining your setup, we can provide you with helpful insight into how to make improvements. To schedule service or to learn more, please contact us today

Happy Tanks Provides Expert Water Tank Maintenance in NZ

Here at Happy Tanks NZ, we are specialists in cleaning and maintaining water tanks for both commercial and household clients – if you need water tank maintenance in NZ think of us first. Water tanks can collect biological matter when it enters the tank, and this can lead to potential damage to the water pump, obstructing the flow of water. With the maintenance and cleaning we provide, the life of your tank can be extended, keeping your water supply safe and flowing freely.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Water Tank Maintenance Services

When it comes to the best advice about maintaining and cleaning your water tanks, look at how your guests view your water compared to your own experiences – do you think differently of it when you have been away, drinking other water? It is also important to understand how we clean water tanks.

  • For standard rain collection tanks, three years between cleaning will generally be the maximum.
  • Water tanks that use rivers or streams as their collection source will often take in much more sediment, requiring maintenance and cleaning more often. 
  • See what visitors say. Your immune system can gradually become accustomed to the bacteria or other impurities in your water, while those who have little exposure to it will have fresh eyes. It is time for tank maintenance and cleaning if they find fault in your water.

How Much Do You Really Know About Water Tank Maintenance in Auckland?

For most people, knowing that they can turn the tap and have water come out is the extent of their knowledge of water tank maintenance and cleaning. Adding to that understanding will help you to better appreciate the cleaning and maintenance needs of your water tank.

  • The sentiment and debris that collects in water tanks can lead to potential hazards sitting at the bottom of the tank. We use high-performance semi-trash vacuum pumps to suck this sediment and waste out of your tank. We make sure to adjust the vacuum to remove the waste with the least about of water loss possible.
  • Cleaning the tank is often only the first step in removing any odour or taste issue, as well as any source of bacteria. Once the tank is cleaned, we use a sanitiser to neutralise any fine suspended organic material. This leaves no chemical residue, taste or odour, making the water safe to drink 90 minutes after it has been applied
  • People often ask what we do with the waste we clean from their water tank. The waste is generally made up of biological matter, so whenever possible we run that outflow into a garden or paddock where it will disperse and breakdown quickly – away from water sources

Signs You Should Invest in Detention Water Tank Maintenance

If you see any obstruction, trash accumulation, leaking or any other issues with your detention water tank, it is likely time for maintenance. If you have a water tank that needs cleaning or maintenance, including a water clarifier tank maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

Happy Tanks NZ Water Tank Service Keeps Your Water Clean and Safe

Here at Water Tanks NZ, we understand the importance of water tank service for those who rely on water tanks for drinking water, or other water needs. Without proper service, sediment and organic matter can accumulate in your water tank, leading to a lower quality of water and even damaging the tank and pump. Keeping your tanks properly clean and well maintained is a vital step to keep your water flowing. 

Key Questions to Ask Happy Tanks NZ about our Tank Cleaning Services

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our water tank cleaning and maintenance services. Some common questions include how we clean your tanks and when the water will be safe to use or drink. Others ask us about our licensing.

  • We are fully qualified to provide all of the services we offer. In addition, we comply with all health and safety standards required when performing maintenance and cleaning of water tanks.
  • When it comes to cleaning, almost all of the sediment and waste that accumulates in your tank settles on the bottom. To remove this without removing the water itself, we use high-performance semi-trash vacuum pumps.
  • Cleaning is often the first step. If you have an issue with bacteria or bad tasting or smelling water, we also recommend the use of our self-sterilising sanitiser. This will destroy any remaining fine particulates of organic material in your tank and will dissipate 90 minutes after it is deployed, leaving clean water with no chemical tastes or odours.

Solutions for Water Tank Cleaning in South Auckland

Regular maintenance and cleaning are the best solutions to keep your tank free of debris and potentially hazardous bacteria. When it comes to those regular services, you need them done by experienced professionals who understand the best ways to keep your water tank working at its fullest potential.

  • Most rainwater systems require cleaning and maintenance every three years to give them the longest life possible, and it is recommended that this is actually done annually. 
  • Given the importance of your drinking water, you want any cleaning or maintenance services on your water tanks to be done by experts in the field. Our staff has this expertise – but you don’t need to take our word on that. Our website contains many testimonials from previous customers.
  • With our extensive experience, we can advise and offer cost-effective solutions to issues with water taste, keeping your water pure, safe and – of course – tasting great. 

What Should You Know About Water Tanks in Northland NZ

The most important thing you should know about your water tanks is that regular maintenance and cleaning are the best ways to extend the life of your tank for the longest period. 

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to look into our cleaning and maintenance services for your water tanks in Northland, contact us today.

Trust Happy Tanks for Regular Water Tank Cleaning in NZ

When it comes to water harvesting, you need to make sure you have a plan for routine water tank inspection and water tank cleaning in NZ. Cleaning your water tank and having it inspected will help you identify health and safety risks, including cracks or signs of damage in your tank. We can help you monitor and maintain your tank over time so that you can continue to use it without worry or risk.

What You Should Know about Water Tank Cleaning in NZ

Why are water tank cleaning services so important when you have a water collection tank? Here are a few details to know about the services we provide and why they matter so much:

  • It keeps your water supply safe and pure: Over time, bird poo, plant matter and other biological matter will find its way into your water tank. As this matter decomposes, it will affect the purity of your water, impacting the taste and potentially rendering it unsafe to drink or use. Routinely scheduling water tank cleaning in NZ will keep your water cleaner, purer, safer and better-tasting.
  • It will maximise water flow to your pump: Bacteria and debris not only affects the quality of your water; it can also reduce the flow of water to your tank’s pump. In turn, these flow issues can affect water pressure in your home, making it difficult to get the amount of water you need from your tank. Cleaning your tank helps maintain a consistent flow rate.
  • It will protect the other equipment in your tank: Pumps, filters and tapware weren’t meant to deal with debris-clogged water. Protect these implements—and avoid premature replacement expenses—by cleaning your tank regularly.

Why Choose Happy Tanks for Residential or Commercial Water Tank Cleaning

If you are seeking a company to provide residential or commercial water tank cleaning, you may be wondering what makes Happy Tanks special in this industry. Here are a few of the reasons to consider choosing us to help maintain your tank:

  • Our repair skills: We don’t just provide services for water cleaning tank in NZ. On the contrary, we are also skilled at repairing cracks in concrete or blockwork tanks. If you have noticed that your water tank is leaking—or if we discover a leak while cleaning your tank—know that we have the skills and materials to fix, seal and waterproof it.
  • Our compliance: We are completely compliant with all relevant health and safety regulations. When it comes to hiring someone for water tank cleaning in Auckland, you want to know they are following all best practices to keep you and your property safe, and we absolutely are.
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee: Put simply, we are dedicated to making sure our customers are satisfied with the services we provide. If you hire us to clean your water tank, we assure you that we will provide a thorough and effective solution or your money back.

About Happy Tanks

Happy Tanks has been in business providing water tank cleaning in NZ for five years. Our experience with and knowledge of water tanks means that we can advise clients on how to keep their water tasting terrific at all times. Whether you need help planning a water tank cleaning schedule for your tank or just require a cleaning service right now, we look forward to lending a hand. Contact us today to get started.