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Happy Tanks NZ Water Tank Service Keeps Your Water Clean and Safe

Here at Water Tanks NZ, we understand the importance of water tank service for those who rely on water tanks for drinking water, or other water needs. Without proper service, sediment and organic matter can accumulate in your water tank, leading to a lower quality of water and even damaging the tank and pump. Keeping your tanks properly clean and well maintained is a vital step to keep your water flowing. 

Key Questions to Ask Happy Tanks NZ about our Tank Cleaning Services

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our water tank cleaning and maintenance services. Some common questions include how we clean your tanks and when the water will be safe to use or drink. Others ask us about our licensing.

  • We are fully qualified to provide all of the services we offer. In addition, we comply with all health and safety standards required when performing maintenance and cleaning of water tanks.
  • When it comes to cleaning, almost all of the sediment and waste that accumulates in your tank settles on the bottom. To remove this without removing the water itself, we use high-performance semi-trash vacuum pumps.
  • Cleaning is often the first step. If you have an issue with bacteria or bad tasting or smelling water, we also recommend the use of our self-sterilising sanitiser. This will destroy any remaining fine particulates of organic material in your tank and will dissipate 90 minutes after it is deployed, leaving clean water with no chemical tastes or odours.

Solutions for Water Tank Cleaning in South Auckland

Regular maintenance and cleaning are the best solutions to keep your tank free of debris and potentially hazardous bacteria. When it comes to those regular services, you need them done by experienced professionals who understand the best ways to keep your water tank working at its fullest potential.

  • Most rainwater systems require cleaning and maintenance every three years to give them the longest life possible, and it is recommended that this is actually done annually. 
  • Given the importance of your drinking water, you want any cleaning or maintenance services on your water tanks to be done by experts in the field. Our staff has this expertise – but you don’t need to take our word on that. Our website contains many testimonials from previous customers.
  • With our extensive experience, we can advise and offer cost-effective solutions to issues with water taste, keeping your water pure, safe and – of course – tasting great. 

What Should You Know About Water Tanks in Northland NZ

The most important thing you should know about your water tanks is that regular maintenance and cleaning are the best ways to extend the life of your tank for the longest period. 

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to look into our cleaning and maintenance services for your water tanks in Northland, contact us today.

Have questions? Contact Happy Tanks for a no obligation quote or to discuss your unique situation.