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Happy Tanks Provides Expert Water Tank Maintenance in NZ

Here at Happy Tanks NZ, we are specialists in cleaning and maintaining water tanks for both commercial and household clients – if you need water tank maintenance in NZ think of us first. Water tanks can collect biological matter when it enters the tank, and this can lead to potential damage to the water pump, obstructing the flow of water. With the maintenance and cleaning we provide, the life of your tank can be extended, keeping your water supply safe and flowing freely.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Water Tank Maintenance Services

When it comes to the best advice about maintaining and cleaning your water tanks, look at how your guests view your water compared to your own experiences – do you think differently of it when you have been away, drinking other water? It is also important to understand how we clean water tanks.

  • For standard rain collection tanks, three years between cleaning will generally be the maximum.
  • Water tanks that use rivers or streams as their collection source will often take in much more sediment, requiring maintenance and cleaning more often. 
  • See what visitors say. Your immune system can gradually become accustomed to the bacteria or other impurities in your water, while those who have little exposure to it will have fresh eyes. It is time for tank maintenance and cleaning if they find fault in your water.

How Much Do You Really Know About Water Tank Maintenance in Auckland?

For most people, knowing that they can turn the tap and have water come out is the extent of their knowledge of water tank maintenance and cleaning. Adding to that understanding will help you to better appreciate the cleaning and maintenance needs of your water tank.

  • The sentiment and debris that collects in water tanks can lead to potential hazards sitting at the bottom of the tank. We use high-performance semi-trash vacuum pumps to suck this sediment and waste out of your tank. We make sure to adjust the vacuum to remove the waste with the least about of water loss possible.
  • Cleaning the tank is often only the first step in removing any odour or taste issue, as well as any source of bacteria. Once the tank is cleaned, we use a sanitiser to neutralise any fine suspended organic material. This leaves no chemical residue, taste or odour, making the water safe to drink 90 minutes after it has been applied
  • People often ask what we do with the waste we clean from their water tank. The waste is generally made up of biological matter, so whenever possible we run that outflow into a garden or paddock where it will disperse and breakdown quickly – away from water sources

Signs You Should Invest in Detention Water Tank Maintenance

If you see any obstruction, trash accumulation, leaking or any other issues with your detention water tank, it is likely time for maintenance. If you have a water tank that needs cleaning or maintenance, including a water clarifier tank maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

Have questions? Contact Happy Tanks for a no obligation quote or to discuss your unique situation.