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Choose Happy Tanks to Clean or Service Your Tank

If you have been having a problem with your residential or commercial water tank, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call Happy Tanks. Our business regularly works with homeowners and businesses to clean, maintain and repair their tanks. Whether you are due for a tank cleaning or need someone to repair a growing crack in your concrete tank, we can help.

Key Questions to Ask Happy Tanks about Your Water Tanks in NZ 

As you are considering us as your potential water tank cleaning company ask these questions to ensure that you are getting the right service from us:

  • Can you service my tank? We focus exclusively on cleaning and servicing tanks. By zeroing in on this specific niche, we believe we can provide superior services to our clients. If you have a tank, call us for Happy Tanks cleaning or servicing! Just know that we don’t work with septic tanks or effluent tanks.
  • Which cleaning service is right for my tank? When homeowners call us to clean their round water tanks, we offer two basic services to meet their needs: a Standard Vacuum Clean and a Deep Clean. Which option is right for you? Click here to read more about both.
  • Am I due for a cleaning? Some customers just aren’t sure if they need to have their tank cleaned. To check, the Ministry of Health recommends that homeowners schedule annual inspections for their water tanks. We can carry out those inspections and let you know what other services might be necessary for your tank(s).

In addition to cleaning, Happy Tanks also offers a variety of other services. These include:

  • Tank repairs: As mentioned previously, we can repair or reseal any concrete or blockwork tank. Our procedures for this service involve water blasting the interior of the tank to reveal cracks, sealing and grouting the surface to repair them and then applying Xypex Crystalline Waterproofing Technology. Worldwide, Xypex technology is trusted for delivering waterproofing that will last as long as the concrete tank itself. In other words, your cracks are highly unlikely to recur.
  • Maintenance planning: Especially for commercial clients, we help to advise on preparing a maintenance schedule for your tanks, to try to avoid cracks or sanitation problems in the future.
  • Products for water harvesting: Cleaning and tank repair are our core functions, but we also help clients find what they need to start harvesting water. We sell products for keeping leaves and debris out of your water tanks in NZ, for measuring how much water is in your tank at any given time and more.

Why Happy Tanks Is Cost-Effective

Harvesting rainwater or saving bore water can be an effective way to reduce your environmental footprint, build up your water resources or trim your utility expenses. However, purchasing a water tank can also be a significant investment. At Happy Tanks NZ, we help you take care of that investment with inspection, cleaning and repair services. Contact us today to learn more about what we do.

Have questions? Contact Happy Tanks for a no obligation quote or to discuss your unique situation.